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starbucks race together campaign

For one of our modules we had to construct a press conference based on the original Starbucks Race Together campaign. I created the promotional flyers that were going to be given out to the public encouraging them to use Starbucks’ snapcode and to enter the competition to create a new Frappuccino flavour that represents race. The media press kit also had to include a timeline of the company Starbucks, so I created a visual representation of the key moments Starbucks has achieved.

#knowyourfood campaign: ethical food company​

At university, we had to produce another press conference, but this time it was for The Ethical Food Company for the #KnowYourFoodCampaign. The aim was to rebrand the company’s image and encourage primary and secondary children to eat healthier, by having healthy alternate snacks. I designed the new logo, the snack packaging. I also produced the front page of the media press kit booklet, designed a flyer which promoted a trip to Spain and created the front cover of the resource booklet about locally produced food.

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